Ameristar Casinos Inc. had big plans for their casino in Kansas City. They were prepared to expand and sink $100 million into the project. They have decided against following through with the expansion.

It appears that there could be casinos coming to Sugar Creek. That would make for some interesting competition between Ameristar and whatever new casinos are awarded licenses in Sugar Creek.

The company insists that in the future they still could go ahead with the casino expansion, but right now they felt was just not the time.

Their original plans were to build a convention center, a pool, a spa, and a second hotel tower. The news on the expansion in Sugar Creek has made the company put those plans on hold for now.

“We think the Kansas City market is a terrific market, and we’re still committed to it. It doesn’t mean in the future we won’t consider expansion in the Kansas City market,” said Karen Lynn, spokeswoman for Ameristar.

One issue that will have to be worked out is a $4.5 million impairment charge that the company took out in the fourth quarter. It was for costs that had to do with the casino expansion planning.

Gambler Beats Incredible Odds, Wins Almost $2 Million in London

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A gambler certainly knows that most odds are stacked against them. They still have a knack of putting small amounts of money on long shot bets in hopes of a big payday.

For one man in London, that is the scenario that in the end created an almost $2 million payoff. The man, who was not identified by William Hill, the British bookmaker where the bet was placed.

Thirsk, in North England, was the location of the winning bet. The man had walked into William Hill on Friday and made a fifty pence bet($.98 American). The bet, which is called the “accumulator bet”, is to predict the outcome of eight horse races.

The odds of winning the bet are two million to one. This happened to be that one time. After all the races were done, William Hill found out that the man had won one million pounds($1.97 million).

On Saturday, the man returned to a different branch of William Hill and placed similar bets to those from Friday. He was unaware that he even won the money on Friday. He did not win any of his bets on Saturday and lost a measly $5.

American Idol picks up its live competition again tonight on FOX. the contestants have dwindled down, and the show is getting close to the point where top singers might start being eliminated.

Don’t expect one of those top singers to be teen sensation David Archuleta. He is the gambling man’s favorite to be the next American Idol.

He has had several flawless performances, and the one week he struggled with the lyrics he still was not eliminated. That means it will take a couple horrendous performances before people will even consider voting him off.

Several contestants will be put on notice tonight, however. Kristy Lee Cook and Saisha Mercado have been narrowly avoiding their departure over the past couple weeks. Jason Castro is also slipping out of favor with voters.

David Cook, Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, and Brooke White have been on cruise control for much of the past few performances. Tonight’s live show will lead in to tomorrow night’s American Idol Gives Back show.

Smoking Ban Compromise Reached In Regards To Casinos

A battle has been raging on over a proposed smoking ban in Iowa. The state House and Senate have not been able to come to a compromise that is acceptable to both. Up until Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the two sides reached an agreement in regards to the proposed smoking ban. Casinos and the Iowa Veterans Home would be the only exceptions to the new ban.

Indoor smoking bans have been on the table for both the Senate and the House. While the Senate wanted a strict ban on smoking, the House was a bit more lenient. They wanted casinos and bars and restaurants with liquor licenses to all be exempt from the ban.

The two sides wrestled with the ideas for a while. On Tuesday, however, the stalemate came to an end. Smoking will be banned from all indoor public areas. The only exceptions would be the Veterans Home, and casinos. The catch for the casinos will be that smoking will only be permitted on the casino floor.

Politicians on both sides were not fully in favor of the new law. The ones that were opposed, however, were willing to compromise. They did not want another year to go by without some form of a smoking ban being in place. That prompted the compromise.

The committee that reached the compromise was composed of ten members.