American Idol Gambling Odds Have Archuleta And Cook Favored

David Archuleta is no stranger to being favored in the American Idol competition. He has been the odds makers choice since the finalists were announced, and continues to be a favorite.

He is now joined at the top, however. David Cook started out the live performances somewhere in the middle of the pack. He has consistently performed at a top level, and is now a co-favorite with Archuleta. Both contestants are +100 to win.

After those two, nobody else of the final six is even in the same zip code, according to sports books. Carly Smithson is the third choice at +1500.

A pair of Idol’s who started out high on the charts, but have slipped in the recent weeks are the next picks. Brooke White, who was in the bottom two last week, and Jason Castro, are both +2500.

The long shot of the season was eliminated last week in Kristy Lee Cook. Now that she is gone, Syesha Mercado assumes the role of underdog. She is holding steady at +5000. The show continues live again on Tuesday night on FOX.

Missouri Lottery Gives $26 Million Towards Education

Gambling can in many ways be a tricky topic to debate. While there are people both for and against legalized gambling in the United States, it cannot be argued that the money that is raised through gambling, is substantial.

Evidence of just how much money can be generated from legalized gambling can be seen in the state of Missouri. The lottery has given $26 million to the Lottery Proceeds Fund.

The money will go towards public education in the state. The most phenomenal aspect of the money that was transferred is that is was only for one month.

The $26 million was in direct relation to the month of March. The total for the fiscal year is $219.8 million. The lottery has been in place for twenty two years in the state, and has created over $3.1 billion.

Education is the main beneficiary of lotteries around the country. Most state lotteries were set up with the intention of raising money that could be used, not only in lower grade education, but also for state colleges.

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