American Idol Gambling Results: Favorites Headed To Finals

American Idol gambling has been very predictable this season. David Archuleta has been the favorite since the finalists have been announced.

In the past few weeks, Syesha Mercado has been defying the odds and saving herself from elimination each and every week. This week, her luck ran out.

Mercado was eliminated from American Idol on Wednesday night, and now the two favorites will go head to head in the finale. Mercado finishes third, not something to be disappointed about.

David Cook has joined Archuleta as the overwhelming favorites to win this season. Both performers have been near flawless in many of the live shows this year. They will have to be perfect to walk away with the title next week.

The finale match up is one that sports books have been predicting for quite a while now. Mercado, while performing well, was still considered a long shot to win the competition.

Next week, Archuleta and Cook will give fans what they wanted, the two most consistent singers from the competition in the finals. Things will get a bit tougher for gamblers also, with both remaining men sharing the favorite role.

Pennsylvania Casino Operators Lobbying For Table Games

Once casino gambling comes to an area, it is hard to stop the momentum that begins to build for full blown casinos. States usually start with slot machines, then gradually increase the game offerings until full blown gambling is legal.

Pennsylvania casino operators are in the middle part of that process. They have already received the right, by law, to offer slot machines and poker, but now they want more.

The operators have asked the House to consider allowing them full table games in their casinos. Blackjack, roulette, and craps, are necessary to help the casinos compete, according to the operators.

The operators are arguing that adding the table games will give them a better chance at competing for gambling dollars with Atlantic City. Without the games, the operators claim they cannot compete.

“Generally speaking, once the door is open to gambling it becomes much easier to argue that you will add something to the mix,” said President of Susquehanna Polling and Research in Harrisburg.

Florida is experiencing the same type of growth. Voters in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties have approved slot machines and poker at pari-mutuel locations. In the time since they have been legalized in Broward, Governor Crist has signed a compact with the Seminole Indians allowing them baccarat and blackjack.

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