American Idol Results: Mercado, Cook, Archuleta To Semi-Finals

At this stage of the American Idol competition, there is not room for error. Every mistake is magnified, meaning perfection is the only way to keep on advancing.

Jason Castro was anything but perfect on Tuesday night, and he picked an inopportune time to forget his lyrics. Castro will have the rest of the time until the Idol tour to think about what went wrong.

Castro was eliminated from the competition on Wednesday’s results show, and the outcome was as close to being predictable as it can get this late in the competition. Castro was clearly outperformed on Tuesday night’s live show.

David Cook was not his usual self in his first song, but rebounded nicely with his second choice. David Archuleta delivered just as he always does, and Syesha Mercado even showed some personality with her two performances.

That left Castro, who was lambasted by Simon Cowell for his rendition of Bob Marley’s song, ‘I Shot The Sheriff’. after he completed his second song, Cowell told him he should go home and pack his bags.

Next week will be the semi-finals, and with Cook and Archuleta cruising, Mercado will have to come up with her two best performances of the year to make it to the finals.

Norwegian Cruise Ship Headed For Miami With Casino Plans

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Norwegian Cruise Lines is having as much difficulty with the economy as other companies. They once had three ships sailing Hawaiian waters, now they will only have one.

The cruise line announced that they are moving The Pride of Aloha out of Hawaii. Originally it was thought that the ship would be moved to Asia, but that is not going to be the case.

The company claimed that Aloha will be given back its original name, Norwegian Sky, and will be headed to Miami. The ship will sail to the bahamas, and be reformatted to fit the bahamas getaway.

The ship will be adding a casino. Many of th people who cruise from Miami to the Bahamas do so for gambling purposes, so it is important that the ship is capable of meeting those needs.

The Hawaii cruises have not been generating enough revenue to call for the ship to stay and sail over there. Increased expenses have made it nearly impossible for it to be worth keeping the ship in Hawaii.

Sunday, when it arrives back in port will be the last time the ship will be in Hawaii. It will immediately leave for Miami. It will begin its new run to the Bahamas once the casino is in place.

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