Turnout For Iowa Casino Gambling Vote Almost Comical


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Casino gambling is a big issue in most states these days. People expressing their right to vote and make a decision to be on one side of the issue or the other.

Voters in Iowa must not have gotten the memo as to their duty to have a say in these important issues. A vote was held on Tuesday night, regarding a new casino proposal for Newton, and the turn out was embarrassing.

Only twenty six percent of people eligible, turned out for the vote. That means that the decision to not allow the casino basically came down to the people lobbying for, and the people lobbying against, the issue.

2,614 to 4,252, that was the vote. There will be no casino in Jasper County after 4,252 people decided against the idea. Now that, is making your vote count.

Where were the other seventy four percent of the people that could have voted? The guess is that the other seventy four percent will be the one complaining about the decision.

When only twenty six percent of eligible voters show up, something is wrong. Either the issue was not as important as the politicians would have led you to believe, or people just do not care one way or another.

The unfortunate part comes for the development company, Regency Development, who was trying to bring the multi million dollar casino north of the Iowa Speedway. The reason people most likely did not vote, is they already have their choice of plenty of casinos in the state.

Either way, 6,866 people had their say, and 4,252 of them will be happy there will be no casino in Jasper County.

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