Twenty People Sentenced In China From Online Gambling Operation


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It may be profitable in the short term, but the chances are that in the end anyone involved in running illegal online gambling operations will be caught and punished. That is exactly what has happened in China.

Twenty people who were part of an illegal online soccer betting operation have been sentenced to jail and fined. On Sunday, a Shanghai court made their ruling and the twenty people were sentenced to a variety of jail time.

“This is possibly the country’s biggest online gambling case,” said spokesman for the court, Zhang Minxian. The World Cup was the main draw for the group who started the online gambling sites in 2006.

Qian Baochun was the mastermind behind the operation and he received the harshest penalty from the court. He was sentenced to six years in jail and a $735,000 fine. Zou Jun and Liu Biqing also were hit with hefty sentences.

The others will seventeen arrested in the sting will also pay fines and serve time in jail. The operation was set up similar to most online gambling operations.

Websites were set up, and commission was paid to people who recruited gamblers. Depending on how much a bettor lost, the commission to these people would be adjusted. It is not known how many gamblers were involved.

The twenty people knew this day had been coming since January. All twenty plead guilty and had been awaiting their fate until Sunday when it was delivered.

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