Two Illegal Gambling Operations Busted in Chattanooga, Tennessee


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Video Poker machines are becoming increasingly popular in local bars around the United States. The problem is that many of the places that are paying out these machines are doing so illegally.

Two bars were raided on Thursday night by police in Chattanooga, Tennessee. the owners of the two bars were both arrested and booked on various charges.

A search warrant was served at Terry’s Bar. The police found five illegal gambling machines at the establishment. The bar was also serving liquor for which they did not have a license. $3,243 was found in cash. A handgun for which there was no permit was also found.

Edwin Coffey, the bars owner, was charged with possession of gambling devices, unlawful possession of firearms, gambling promotion, and illegal sale of alcohol.

Over at another bar, North River Pub, police were busy confiscating two illegal gambling machines. $1,406 was found in cash. Rachel Swafford was the person arrested in this case. She was charged with possession of gambling devices, and gambling promotion.

Two Ohio University Athletes Charged For Illegal Sports Gambling

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College athletics has become a major attraction in the United States. Millions of dollars are generated from the various sports that are offered at universities. None of that money is supposed to go to the athletes.

That somewhat explains why two athletes, one former and one current, that played baseball for Ohio University have been charged on Monday with a crime involving illegal gambling.

Andrew Shisila is a pitcher on the baseball team at his college, Ohio University. He apparently decided with his friend, Brent Decoster, a former player on the team, that it was time to go into business and make money.

Unfortunately, the business they chose to engage in is illegal. On Monday, both students were charged with taking bets on professional sports. The charges are misdemeanors that carry with them a maximum sentence of a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail.

The incident has been reported by the university to the NCAA and it is not yet known whether Shisila will lose a year of eligibility because of the crime. The gambling operation was exposed last November in an E-mail. The university then turned over their findings to the police department.

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